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Anyone else have experience with this one?
I just added it to my list.
Fucking wild.
Audio hallucinations, INCREDIBLY REAL. Like having a tiny speaker from an odd dimension in my brain.
Visual "Strobing", trailers.... And a weird wa-wa-wa effect on my eyes... like when you do nitrous, that sound you hear? Except visual. Makes it fucking impossible to walk, but i thought it was super fun.
Body buzz, constant spine chills..... Lasted about 3 hours before i fell asleep.

But also - Puking violently. Slim margin from effective to uncomfortable dose.
Found out I should have juiced the leaves, not eaten em.
Also, a trailer with no water or power in the NC mountains probably wasn;t the best idea - Got a bit paranoid.

Datura spoke fun things to me, overall.

Any other trip reports?
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