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Name: wayne
Age: fifteen
Location: toronto
Sex: despite my best efforts
Important Shit
Drug of Choice: cocaine
Other drugs you've done: Recreationally; marijuana, e, pcp, dxm, amphetemines/dextroamphetemines, shrooms, codeine and some combinations
How long you have been a drug user: a year
Favorite alcoholic drink: strawberry daiquiri
Are you a virgin? no
Bands: every time i die, ladytron, neutral milk hotel, bright eyes, converge, bikini kill, lou reed/the velvet underground, dead kennedys, blondie, the dresden dolls, the faint, the locust, ween, the number twelve looks like you, gravy train!!!!
Books: timequake by kurt vonnegut, trainspotting by irvine welsh, choke by chuck palahniuk, fear and the rum diary by hunter s. thomson.
Movies: Kids, But I'm a Cheerleader, Napolean Dynamite and probably every other movie you would expect from a fifteen year old, except donnie darko.
Anything else you want to add? There is a good chance I'm going to get told to come back in a year when this community will likely have died.
Post three pictures and make sure they are hot.

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