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Name: audrey
Age: 18
Location: santa cruz california
Sex: female

Important Shit

Drug of Choice: mushrooms
Other drugs you've done: ganja, lsa, lsd, lithium, cocaine, speed, fentanyl, opium, heroine, pcp, absinthe (does that count?), ecstacy, and all sorts of pills of all different colors and shapes and sizes and ups and downs and in betweens, and i know i m forgetting like at least forty things...ohyeah! 5meo dmt and what else? yeah, can t recalla t the moment
How long you have been a drug user: ...three years? almost three years
Favorite alcoholic drink: wild turkey on the rocks
Are you a virgin?: no


Bands: tom waits, easy star all stars, steel pulse, eek a mouse, bjork, thelonious sphere monk, etfuckingcetera
Books: the serpent and the rainbow, hyperspace, tales of the weird, the annotated alice, etc etc etc ETC
Movies: microcosm, the legend of 1900, natural born killers, uhhhhhhhh.... i really can t think at the moment. not even of my favorite movies. i hope i don t sound too lame and stupid.

and i hope the self portrait (above) qualifies as a picture of myself
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