no-L (1605ninjette) wrote in antisxe_sex,

Name: No-L
Age: 18
Location: boston
Sex: girl
Important Shit
Drug of Choice: weed (even tho its not a drug)
Other drugs you've done: ecstacy, coke, heroin, c3's, so many different kinds of pills i cant even remember half
How long you have been a drug user: since i was 13
Favorite alcoholic drink: jack daniels or cheap vodka
Are you a virgin? hell no
Bands:i listen to a lot of wierd shit from icp and obie trice to toxic narcotic and the clash to the doors and pink floyd
Books: every single irvine welsh book (hes the guy who wrote trainspotting) i like chuck palahinuk a lot too (fight club)
Movies: trainspotting, kids, clockwork orange, reservoir dogs, boondock saints, kill bill 1&2, fight club, dawn of the dead (new and old), shaun of the dead, donnie darko... lots more i loooove movies
Anything else you want to add? um.. no

i dunno if the pics will work but ill give it a try

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